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2019 07 08

There has always been such a picture in my mind, leaning against the cool glass window, holding the past diary, feeling the Mottled sunshine falling on my face through the leaves, lying comfortably askew like a sofa in my own nest, enjoying the time that belongs to me alone. It seems that you can't feel tired sitting quietly all afternoon or all day.

However, in today's noisy environment, the urgent pace of life is always difficult to find the unique freedom in mind. Every day we are always on the road, for the future, for the family, for money, for too many things we must care about keep moving forward. If you fall, you can only bite your teeth and persist. If you fail, you must continue to refuel. Because this is what we pursue, want to yearn for, but also what we plan and expect.

The heart has been silently looking forward to, in the off-duty vacation can have their own harbor, can calm down, stop, enjoy the freedom of the heart, feel the unique charm of slow rhythm..

Life should be like this. Enjoying peace after impetuosity is for moving farther ahead. The quietness of mind is for better planning of one's life. Darkness compels us to look for light; noise makes us like quiet; fast-paced life makes us begin to crave infinitely for that peaceful space.

Maybe life can not slow down, but our mind can slow down; to create life, but also to enjoy life, play fast and slow, life should be so... Abito is willing to live slowly and enjoy freedom with you.

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